Needs of a livable City

Excerpt in short form from our election program for the next 6 years

Urban development

  • Start today and plan what infrastructures will be needed in 20 years time
  • Special focus on the City Centre with pedestrian zone
  • Adaptation of the transport concept through simplification (‘parking résidentiel’) and new infrastructures
  • City marketing concept / expansion of service and retail offerings / pop-up shops / co-working spaces (Zentrum and Potaschberg)
  • Market design as a matter of urgency
  • Design ‘Schweinsmoart’ and bus station
  • New home for the city’s technical services
  • Cycle path network with connection to the interior of the country
  • Finish the Moselle promenade (section playground – outdoor pool)
  • Thinking about tourism in the long term
  • Discussions with neighboring municipalities in order to create synergies and to achieve    weight in the region. Referendum if interested.
  • Creation of a forest cemetery

School and Maison Relais

  • Planning to expand school infrastructures in the medium term
  • Inclusion: Creating a supportive framework for teachers and school children
  • Enlarging Maison Relais and exploiting synergies with schools
  • Support for the state construction of a swimming pool: Improvement of the offer of swimming courses for school children
  • Ensuring a safe way to school: on foot and by bus


  • Making approval procedures in residential construction more efficient
  • Give preference to families and households from their ownmunicipality when selling and renting council housing
  • Furnished studios at affordable rents for young people on their way to self-employment
  • In addition to the ‘Pietert’ project, we are also pushing ahead with the ‘op Flohr’ urbanization project
  • Enable alternative forms of housing, such as shared flats, multi-generational houses or tiny houses
  • Assisted living and social housing deserves community support


  • Support for the associations, especially in youth work. Provide  access to digital tools for administrative work. Provide furniture and materials needed for the organization of events.
  • Reward for volunteer work
  • Platform for people of all nationalities to come together across generations. Joint initiatives in the various municipal commissions, together with CRIAJ, CIPA, ‘Maacher Lycée’
  • Multi-Sport facilities
  • Youth council: young people should be able to participate in discussions and decision-making
  • Promoting the (re)integration of the unemployed into the world of work CIGR-Est


  • Involvement of a climate citizens’ assembly in the interest of environmental protection and nature conservation, in cooperation with the Environment Commission
  • Improving energy efficiency, promoting renewable energies
  • Enabling sustainable construction in the old town center as well
  • Taking sustainability criteria into account in public tenders, e.g. through environmentally friendly building materials
  • Gradually convert the municipality’s vehicle fleet to CO2-neutral vehicles
  • Adapting charging stations for electric vehicles to meet requirements
  • Supporting green buildings and roofs
  • ‘Anti-gaspi’ and food-sharing as measures to counteract food waste
  • Connect all households to the regional sewage treatment plant, improve the quality of the streams
  • Municipality-owned springs ‘Geyershof’: Optimizing drinking water quality through better protected and reconstituted springs. The work should be given priority.

PDF: The full electoral programme