Jana Degrott

Jana Degrott is the Co-Founder of We Belong, an initiative to inspire next-generation leadership for young European women of color to create a future pool of role models.
We Belong brings women of color together in healing spaces, free of hatred and discrimination, to share and reflect on their experiences, examine their histories and identities, and construct their own life narratives. She is also the Founder and host of Wat Leeft?”. It’s a platform for those who’ve been systematically marginalized, victimized, gaslit, and ignored. It’s a safe space where otherwise taboo topics of our society can be confronted openly and honestly. As a believer in the importance of youth voices in government, she also ran her first election as a candidate for the Democratic Party at the age of 21 and is today a local councilor in her hometown of Steinsel and one of the youngest elected officials in Luxembourg.

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