Executive Committee

It’s the Executive Committee task to carry out the decisions of the Steering Committee and to coordinate the work of the party.

Secretary General
1st Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Myriam Feyder
Myriam Feyder
National treasurer
Minister of Defence, Minister for Gender Equality and Diversity, Minister for Mobility and Public Works
President of the DP parliamentary group
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs, Cooperation, Foreign Trade and the Greater Region
Martine Dieschburg
Martine Dieschburg-Nickels
President FCCD
Lou Linster
President JDL
Loris Meyer
Parliamentary group secretary
Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Minister for Housing and Land Use Planning
President DP East
Daliah Scholl - Presidentin DP-Süden
Daliah Scholl
President DP South
Max Stoffel
President DP Center
Eric Thill
Eric Thill
Minister for Culture, Minister for Tourism, President DP North
Stéphanie Obertin
Minister for Digitisation, Minister for Higher Education and Research