Who are we

The Democratic Party stands for social and liberal politics. The DP works for a better quality of life on every level: in the Government, in Chambers, in Europe and in our communes.

The Party

The DP, is a group of 6,000 members who, under the leadership of president Lex Delles and General Secretary Carole Hartmann represent our values and our ideas.

The DP in Government

In the government, the DP is a guarantor for social and liberal politics in Luxembourg. Our Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Xavier Bettel, together with his ministerial colleagues and the entire DP parliamentary group, is ensuring that the principles and convictions of the DP continue to be guaranteed in our country.

The DP in the Chamber of Deputies

The team surrounding fraction president Gilles Baum stand in for the tens of thousands of constituents who have expressed their trust to the DP during the last general election.

The DP and Europe

We are a thoroughly pro-European party. At the European parliament, Charles Goerens is invested in building a stronger Europe. Similarly, our representatives at other European institutions also give Luxembourg a strong socio-liberal voice in Europe.

The DP in the communes

Luxembourg has a long-standing tradition of liberal communal politicians who work for the local interests of the people around them. In the communes, the DP stands for innovative politics, close to the citizen.

DP International

The team around President Artur Sosna and the two coordinators Jean-Christophe Dauphin and Luis Oliveira brings together DP members from all over the country whose mother tongue is not Luxembourgish. DP International organises workshops, working groups, visits and other events, mainly in English and French.

Eis Geschicht

Eis Geschicht Colette Flesch

D’DP huet eng laang Geschicht mat villen Héichpunkten, politesche Succèsen, grousse Perséinlechkeeten a spannende Geschichten. D’Protagoniste vun deemools verzielen hir markansten Erliefnisser.

Eis Geschicht Colette Flesch