Fuerschung an Innovatioun

Higher education and research

Higher education and research: Expanding Luxembourg as a location for innovation

The DP will further develop the quality of Luxembourg’s higher education landscape and continue to provide a financial, legal and infrastructural framework for public research to ensure international excellence as well as benefits for our society.

The University of Luxembourg celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023 and can look back on a successful development. In order to continue to meet all of society’s demands and to comply with international quality standards, the DP will continue to develop the structure of the university. In order to train a sufficiently qualified workforce in important areas (for example medicine and health professions, teachers and social educators), the DP proposes the creation of university-internal “schools” (Medical School, Educational School).

Further internal university research centres “Centre interdisciplinaire” are being created, for example in the subject areas of sustainable development and European law. The DP will continue to expand the campus on Belval to meet the infrastructure needs of the university as well as the various research centres. A modern campus will also be built on Kirchberg to house the university departments that remain in Luxembourg City.

The Luxembourg University Competence Center is being expanded as a provider of university continuing education courses. In the context, a legal framework for so-called “micro-credentials” is created. In addition to the academically oriented BTS formations, the DP will create advanced vocational training in consultation with the professional chambers.

In order to promote the transfer of scientific findings into practical application, the DP will create a transfer agency to advise and support spin-offs and start-ups. On the Belval campus, further premises are being created for young businesses that take advantage of the proximity to research. To create an attractive environment for start-ups, the DP will allow the university to participate in the capital of start-ups. A tax concession for investments in start-ups will also be created.

In the 21st century, data is a resource that can be used in very different ways. The DP will further develop the National Data Exchange Platform (PNED) to promote the scientific and commercial use of data that is compliant with national and international data protection guidelines.

The DP will gradually expand medical training at the University of Luxembourg. After evaluating the bachelor’s programme in medicine, the university will offer a corresponding master’s programme in close cooperation with the health sector. Other specialisations in the field of medicine are also being developed after consultation with the health sector.

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