How many patients suffer from thyroid cancer?

More and more young people are apparently developing thyroid cancer. DP MPs André Bauler and Carole Hartmann asked the Minister of Health how the figures have developed over the last 10 years and what differences there are depending on age and gender.


Och wann de Schilddrüsekriibs manner verbreet ass ewéi den Daarm- an de Broschtkriibs, sou schéngt et awer, wéi wa méi jonk Leit wéi nach viru Jore betraff wieren.

An deem Kader wollte mir der Madamm Ministesch fir Gesondheet a Sozialversécherung folgend Froe stellen:

  • Wéi huet sech d’Zuel vun den Erkrankunge vun der Schilddrüs an de leschten 10 Joer entwéckelt? Wéi vill Erkrankungen dovunner ware klassesch Kriibsfäll?
  • A wéi ville Fäll konnten dës Kriibsfäll geheelt ginn?
  • Wéi verdeelen sech d’Kriibsfäll bei der Schilddrüs jee no Geschlecht? A wéi héich war den Duerchschnëttsalter vun de betraffene Patiente jee no Geschlecht? Ass de Prozentsaz vun de jéngere Leit, déi vun dëser Zort Kriibs betraff sinn, an de leschte Jore geklommen?

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Is a pharmacy coming to Bettendorf?

In 2023, the then Minister of Health rejected the installation of a pharmacy in Bettendorf. As the population in the region around Bettendorf continues to grow, DP MP André Bauler has asked the new Minister of Health whether she would reconsider her predecessor’s decision. Has the Minister of Health possibly already been contacted by the municipality of Bettendorf and could other municipalities get a new pharmacy?


Introduction of skin cancer screening?

Since 2008, skin cancer screening has been available in Germany for all policyholders aged 35 and over. As a result, many cases of skin cancer are detected earlier.
DP MPs André Bauler and Gilles Baum wanted to know from the Minister for Health how skin cancer figures have developed here in the country since 2013, whether such screening would also be useful in Luxembourg and why only figures for melanoma (black skin cancer) are collected.

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Reassignment of primary school teachers to their municipality

DP MPs Gilles Baum and Barbara Agostino raised questions to the Minister for Education concerning the reassignment of primary school teachers to their municipality. In particular, they wanted to know how many posts have been published on list 1bis over the last 5 years, what the approach is in terms of prioritizing candidates and, in general, whether the nominations for list 1 by local the authorities should still be the norm.


Rescue helicopter at the North Hospital

DP MPs André Bauler and Gusty Graas have asked the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Interior questions about the rescue helicopters that have been frequently deployed at the North Hospital in recent years. Among other things, they wanted to know how the funding is organised, how often they have been deployed beyond the country’s borders and whether there are plans to find a new location for the helicopters in the medium term.