Speed limit on the bypass bridge of the B7

What is the justification for the speed limit on the bypass bridge of the B7? DP MP André Bauler asked the Minister of Mobility this question and other ones.

„Op der Contournementsbréck vun der B7 tëscht Schieren an Angelduerf ass d’Vitess erofgesat ginn vun 90 Km/St. op 50 Km/St. Et schéngt, wéi wann et Problemer op der Bréck géife ginn. Bis kuerz virun de Radar Richtung Stad ass d’Vitess vun 90/St. op 70 erofgesat ginn. Och déi aner Richtung däerf nach just 70 Km/St. gefuer ginn.

Dofir wollt ech dem Här Mobilitéitsminister folgend Froe stellen:

  • Wat ass déi genee Ursaach vun dëser Vitessreduktioun?
  • Wat fir Aarbechte sinn de Moment geplangt?
  • Wou ass de Projet vun der Erweiderung vun der B7 drun?

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How can prisoners uphold their contact with family members on the outside?

Family visits and time for the partner are only possible in prison to a limited extent. However, these relationships are an important support for the prisoner and contribute to his stability. What is the current situation for prisoners in Luxembourg, and has the inauguration of the new prison been used to create more opportunities? Our MP Pim Knaff asked the Ministry of Justice for more details.


Why did the respirator recall come to light so late?

In July 2021, a company recalled its medical respirators worldwide. However, this recall was only announced in Luxembourg at the end of October. DP MP Gusty Graas asked the Minister of Health who is responsible for communicating with those affected in such a situation, why the information was not announced in time and whether procedures might need to be adjusted.


Are additional measures being taken to cope with the many cases of bronchiolitis?

The high numbers of bronchiolitis are leading to an overload of pediatric units. In France, the “White Plan” has been announced at national level, a sanitary emergency and crisis plan to improve the functioning of hospitals in the event of an epidemic.
DP MPs Carole Hartmann and Gilles Baum wanted to know from the Minister of Health whether additional measures are being taken in our country to continue to guarantee health care for our children and how overloading of pediatric wards can be prevented in the future.


AMMD resigns from the board of the agency eSanté

The members of the AMMD have resigned from the board of the agency eSanté. DP MPs Carole Hartmann and Gusty Graas wanted to know from the responsible ministers how they react to this resignation, what effects this would have on the functioning of the board and whether dialogue with the AMMD was sought.