Is a renewal of the road CR 306 planned?

Between Grosbous and Grevels, the road to Bastogne was provisionally repaired. DP MP André Bauler has asked the responsible minister whether a renewal of this road section is planned and if so, what the costs would be.


„An der Uertschaft Groussbus ass rezent un der Strooss fir op Baaschtnech (CR 306) tëscht Groussbus a Gréiwels geschafft ginn. De Belag ass provisoresch gefléckt ginn, ma e fiert sech de Moment net gutt.

Aus deem Grond wollt ech den Här Minister fir Mobilitéit an ëffentlech Aarbechten Folgendes froen:

  • Gëtt et mëttlerweil e Projet, deen eng Erneierung vun dësem Streckenofschnëtt virgesäit?
  • Wa jo, wat wier de Käschtepunkt dovunner an a wat fir engem Mooss misst d’Gemeng sech dorunner finanziell bedeelegen?
  • Wéini kéinten dës Aarbechte spéitstens ufänken?”

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How has the situation of “Dubliners” in Luxembourg developed over the past few years?

Since the end of October, male “Dubliners” who are traveling as individuals can no longer be accepted in the refugee accommodation. This is because the options are scarce and the existing places are overcrowded. Priority should be given to children, women and vulnerable people. But how have the numbers developed over the past few years and how did we get into this situation? Our MPs Corinne Cahen and Gusty Graas inquired with the relevant ministry.


Do rapid diagnostic tests help against antibiotic shortages?

France is considering only allowing antibiotics to be prescribed if a rapid diagnostic test is carried out beforehand. This would make it possible to determine with certainty whether the infection is bacterial or viral.
This could on the one hand counteract the lack of antibiotics and on the other hand reduce antibiotic resistance.
DP MPs Gilles Baum and Gusty Graas asked the Minister of Health how many antibiotics have been prescribed in Luxembourg in the last five years and whether doctors should be made more aware of prescribing diagnostic tests.