Kaffispaus Episod 5

Coffe break Episode 5

Rassismus – „The time for silence is over”

Monica Semedo invited Derek Wilson for a Coffee Break, to discuss the fight on racism which, also in Luxembourg, needs to move back into the sociopolitical centre of attention.

To solve a problem, you first need to admit that this problem exists. More and more people are telling their stories, speak about their reality and, with pictures, call worldwide attention to the fact that racism and discrimination are still a big part of many people’s daily lives.

At this stage, it is important to continue talking about the issue and to communicate in the right ways, in order to break up prejudice and preconceptions which are often anchored unconsciously in people’s minds. Society needs to be sensitised in such ways, that people don’t feel attacked or offended. For Monica Semedo and Derek Wilson it is critical that we stop accusing each other, and start looking for constructive solutions together.

In the discussion, the subjects of equal opportunities at school and the role of sports in the fight against racism and discrimination also came up.




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