Max Hahn - Title

Max Hahn

South, Member of Parliament, Alderman, President of DP-South

Max Hahn has been a Member of Parliament since 2013. He is a trained engineer specialised in sustainable energy management and is responsible for topics relating to mobility, climate and environmental protection as well as territory planning in the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, Max Hahn is the DP’s spokesperson on housing issues and acts as chairman of the family committee. As alderman of the municipality of Dippach, Max Hahn is above all committed to a better quality of life in the form by calming traffic in his community in a sustainable way.

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Overcoming challenges together
On this week’s Tribune Libre programme on the radio, our MP and future budget rapporteur, Max Hahn talked about the historic draft bill on the state budget 2023.

Coffe break – Free public transport

Transport & Mobility: In this third Coffee Break, MPs Max Hahn (DP) and Marco Schank (CSV) have a chat. The topics are free public transport in Luxembourg, the priorities for the future of mobility, the role of the car and innovative solutions for a better mobility, such as for instance telework.

Coffe break – Free public transport

Not enough construction debris dumps – now what?
The problem of the lack of construction debris dumps in Luxembourg has been known for a long time. The consequences are long journeys for the trucks, an increased burden on the environment, and higher costs for the end customers. Are there plans for the...