Shouldn’t the road surface of the bridge on the B7 be renewed?

After the repair of the B7 between Schieren and Ingeldorf, DP MP André Bauler wanted to know from the responsible minister whether there were no plans to renew the road surface of the B7 bridge as well?


« Entre Ingeldorf et Schieren des travaux de réfection modestes ont été effectués récemment le long de la route B7. Force est de constater que la couche de roulement du pont routier sur la Sûre est en voie de se dégrader si bien qu‘il mérite de réfléchir à son renouvellement.

Dans ce contexte j’aimerais poser les questions suivantes à Monsieur le Ministre de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics :

1. Est-il prévu de renouveler la couche de roulement du pont routier de la B7 dans un avenir proche ?

2. Comment les flux de trafic passant par ce pont ont-ils évolué depuis 2018 ?

3. Serait-il nécessaire de procéder à d‘autres travaux de réfection et de sécurisation le long de la B7, notamment sur le pont routier ? »

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DP MPs Gilles Baum and Barbara Agostino raised questions to the Minister for Education concerning the reassignment of primary school teachers to their municipality. In particular, they wanted to know how many posts have been published on list 1bis over the last 5 years, what the approach is in terms of prioritizing candidates and, in general, whether the nominations for list 1 by local the authorities should still be the norm.


Rescue helicopter at the North Hospital

DP MPs André Bauler and Gusty Graas have asked the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Interior questions about the rescue helicopters that have been frequently deployed at the North Hospital in recent years. Among other things, they wanted to know how the funding is organised, how often they have been deployed beyond the country’s borders and whether there are plans to find a new location for the helicopters in the medium term.


Loneliness in Luxembourg?

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