South regional congress 2022

The regional congress of the DP South took place on 2 June in Sanem at the Artikus.

Daliah Scholl, president of the DP Sud and councillor of the city of Esch, underlined the importance of voluntary work for our society: “When it breaks down, everything breaks down. Even politics endsup beingrun by volunteers. Therefore, contact with the sections must be maintained, and not only before the elections. 



Weider Artikelen

Free After-school childcare and music lessons

The so-called maison relais, foyers de jour, mini-crèches and parental assistants play an important role in implementing Minister Claude Meisch’s education policy to provide every child with equal starting chances and educational prospects.

Agny Durdu – The Oesling must not become a nature reserve

If someone asks mewhere I live, I’d rather say Hamiville than Heesdref, which many confuse with Heeschdref near Walfer, chuckles Agny Durdu in front of her office on the main street. She grew up on the farm nearby. Today she lives there with her mother and brother.