The DP is the guardian of social peace in the country

The annual press conference of the DP parliamentary group pertaining the last parliamentary session was dominated by the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the direct consequences of the war in Ukraine.

In both cases, the government and the majority in parliament have acted consistently and shown solidarity towards the people suffering the most.

Hence, our country immediately opened its doors to Ukrainians who were no longer safe at home. Moreover, the Tripartite agreement mainly benefits less fortunate citizens.

Gilles Baum emphasized that the announced major tax reform would not happen at present time, simply because the funds are needed for other things at the moment. Financing a tax reform through debt is definitely not an option for the DP.

On the contrary, the DP parliamentary group stands for a responsible and far-sighted budgetary and fiscal policy – without forgetting the most vulnerable members in our society.

The fight against climate change is equally important for the future of our society. We must leave a liveable planet for the next generations, Gilles Baum emphasized jointly with his parliamentary colleagues: Not for tomorrow, not for the day after tomorrow, no, it must be done now.



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