Free After-school childcare and music lessons

The so-called maison relais, foyers de jour, mini-crèches and parental assistants play an important role in implementing Minister Claude Meisch’s education policy to provide every child with equal starting chances and educational prospects.

This year for the first time, the Minister of Education launched the ‘Kannerwoch’ initiative. In May, more than 100 childcare facilities opened their doors to present their wide range of activities to parents. From the start of the new school year 2022/23 after-school childcare will be free for all children. This way, the right of every child to high-quality education will be guaranteed regardless of the income of its parents.

Just like non-formal education, music lessons are extremely important for the development of children and teenagers. Music, theatre and dance not only strengthen their cognitive abilities, but also foster their social skills.

In the last election programme, the DP already advocated for making music schools accessible to young people. Musical education should not be a privilege for well-off families, but a right for every child. From the next school year on, the majority of music classes will be free of charge. The DP’s policy will thereby contribute to more equal opportunities and educational justice.

With the Youth Pact 2022-2025, the Minister of Education has launched a comprehensive new action plan to guarantee the well-being and future prospects of children. The mental health, resilience, commitment and strengthening of their socio-emotional competences are at the centre of attention.

With the Youth Pact we are setting an example and a binding framework to turn strong young people into strong adults, says Claude Meisch, Minister of Education.



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