Away from a hospital- centred health system

The closure of the Ettelbrück maternity hospital has shown us that the shortage of doctors is already having serious consequences for citizens.

Luxembourg needs an attractive health system that will once again motivate doctors and other health professionals to work in this country. The best way is to expand the out-of-hospital sector, with smaller structures that can be well distributed across the country.

We need to move away from today’s hospital-centred health system. There needs to be more focus on primary care. In addition, many treatments that are currently still reserved for the hospital must be able to be offered outside the hospital, as is often the case abroad.

Therefore, we need a legal framework that allows doctors – including specialists – to freely practice their profession outside the hospital.

Of course, without attracting purely profit-oriented interest groups from abroad. Doctors’ initiatives – such as the new medical centre with MRI in Grevenmacher – should not be condemned, but seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to offer patients a closer and more accessible health service. The cooperation can gladly take place together with the hospitals. However, it should not be dependent on them.



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Strengthening the rights of pregnant self-employed workers

Pregnant employees can apply for dispensation from work before their maternity leave, for example if they are unable to work for health reasons. The self-employed do not have this option, which can have a negative impact on the recalculation of their maternity benefits.
DP MPs Carole Hartmann and Mandy Minella have asked the relevant ministers whether paid dispensation from work or an equivalent mechanism will be introduced for pregnant self-employed workers.


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The Democratic Party is entering the European elections on 9 June with a competent, diverse and highly motivated list. Charles Goerens and Amela Skenderović lead the list as lead candidates.