Which car brands are most often stolen in Luxembourg?

The methods for car theft are becoming increasingly sophisticated over time. Often it is especially larger cars or expensive brands that become targets. Are there particular brands that are more targeted than others? Our MP André Bauler has inquired with the Ministry for Home Affairs

« Ces derniers temps, le nombre de vols de voitures automobiles et d’autres véhicules semble aller croissant.

Dans ce contexte j’aimerais poser les questions suivantes à Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Intérieures :

  • Quelles sont les marques de voitures les plus visées par les vols en question ?
  • Quelles régions du pays connaissent les chiffres d’incidents de vol les plus intensifs ?
  • Combien de voitures automobiles sont actuellement portées disparues au Grand-Duché ? Quelles marques et modèles sont les plus visés ?
  • Outre les voitures automobiles, est-ce que des véhicules destinés à des travaux de construction ou d’agriculture sont également volés ? »

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Will a second PET-CT be purchased ?

The former Minister of Health had announced that a second PET-CT could possibly be purchased in order to shorten the waiting time for patients. DP MPs André Bauler and Carole Hartmann have asked the current Minister of Health where the preparations for the purchase of this second PET-CT are at, whether this machine could possibly come to the hospital in Ettelbrück and how the number of treatments in this area has developed over the last 10 years.


Would an awareness campaign against allergies be useful?

More and more people are developing allergies to food, pollen or mites. DP MP Carole Hartmann asked the responsible minister how the number of allergy sufferers has developed over the last ten years, whether an awareness campaign should be launched and when the announced pollen app will be available for those affected.