A P&R on the Poteau de Harlange?

Currently there are discussions about creating a P&R on the Poteau de Harlange. DP MP André Bauler asked the minister responsible if he could say more about it.

« Et ass mer zu Ouere komm, dass et aktuell Diskussiounen iwwer d’Schafe vun engem P&R um Hareler Poteau tëscht dem Ministère an de Gemengeresponsabele gëtt. Zesumme mat enger Expressbuslinn géif dëst de Beruffpendler aus der Regioun et erlaben, an enger Stonn an der Stad ze sinn.

Donieft wier sou e Parking och fir den Tourismus ronderëm de Stauséi intressant.

An deem Kader wollt ech dem Här Minister fir Mobilitéit an ëffentlech Aarbechte folgend Froe stellen:

– Kann den Här Minister weider Informatiounen zu deenen Diskussioune ginn ?

– Ass an deem Kader virgesinn, dee P&R mat enger Expressbuslinn bis an d’Stad ze verbannen ?– Gëtt och nach iwwer änlech Projeten an anere Landesdeeler nogeduecht ? Wa jo, wou wieren dës Standuerter ? Wéi gesäit hei d’Zesummenaarbecht mat de respektive Gemengen aus ? »

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Extension of the death penalty in Belarus

On 18 March this year, Belarus by decree extended the possibility to be condemned to the death penalty, so that now not only people who took part in a terrorist act, but also those who attempted such an act can be punished with the death penalty. The opposition sees in this decision an attempt to suppress the free expression of opinion and the opponents of the government. How to assess this situation? Our MP Gusty Graas inquired at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


How can the attractiveness of the Centre Hospitalier du Nord be improved?

At its two sites in Wiltz and Ettelbruck, the ChdN ensures healthcare for the north and partly for the east of the country. What will be done to make the two sites also attractive in the future? DP MPs André Bauler and Carole Hartmann asked the Minister of Health, among other things, whether cooperation with the University of Luxembourg was planned, whether specialisation in a medical field was envisaged and what investments were planned for large medical equipment.


How often do cosmetic operations in Luxembourg cause undesirable side effects?

Interest in cosmetic medicine is growing. Unfortunately, it also happens time and again that procedures are performed by people without the appropriate training. The consequences are real dangers for the patients. The DP MP Gusty Graas wanted to know from the responsible ministers whether there are figures on cosmetic surgery in Luxembourg and how often patients had to be treated for undesirable side effects.