Climate Neutral Mobility – Is It Possible?

The persistently high prices of gasoline and the horrid daily news regarding gas supply make most of us feel our dependency on fossil fuels. The fact that many European countries still receive gas from Russia shows that this can also not change from one day to the next.

But climate neutrality is possible – humanity has already proven it. Over the millennia, the world remained climate-neutral, until over 200 years ago it discovered the enormous benefits of fossil fuels: with a few intermediate stages, the sail was replaced by the container ship and the carriage by the car. Fossil energies have made everything cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Even if the challenge – e.g. In terms of mobility – is enormous, it doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the carriage age to become climate neutral. It must become more attractive to travel short distances by bike or by bus. This includes not only an improvement of the bicycle or bus network, but also a tax policy aimed at making large, heavy vehicles more unattractive.

As a Liberal, I don’t want to forbid anyone to fly on holiday or to drive around in a bigger car. But in this case, one has to pay a fair price for it. Small electric cars will, however, be part of this climate-neutral mobility, be it for journeys outside of the cities, for the transport of goods or for travels including more than one person.

Lou Linster Vice President Young Democrats Municipal Councilor in Leudelange Engineer



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