Is agriculture also affected by the rise in prices of various materials?

Currently there is a solid growth in the prices of various materials. DP member André Bauler asks the Minister of Agriculture if our farmers, marketgardeners and assimilated businesses are also affected. He also asks if there have been delivery shortages for some products and what kind of products they are.

Am Moment stelle mer en zolitte Wuesstem bei de Präisser vu verschiddene Materialien fest. Holz, Stol an aner Matière si spierbar méi deier ginn.

Virun deem Hannergrond wollt ech dem Här Landwirtschaftsminister folgend Froe stellen:

  1. Sinn eis Baueren, Gäertner an assimiléiert Betriber och vun dëser Präishausse betraff?
  2. Wa jo, wat fir Produkter a Projete sinn do spezifesch betraff?
  3. Gëtt et och Liwwerenkpäss mat deenen d’Tëschenhändler vun eisem landwirtschaftleche Secteur ze kämpfen hunn?
  4. Wa jo, bei wat fir enge Produkter ass dat de Fall? Sinn déi Enkpäss a Präishaussen éischter temporär oder musse mer eis mëttelfristeg op eng spierbar Inflatioun am Secteur astellen?

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Discrimination against homosexuals when donating blood

Currently, homosexual men are not allowed to have sexual relations for 12 months if they want to give blood in Luxembourg. In other countries, such as the UK, the principle of individual risk is applied to sexual behaviour, so homosexuals are not discriminated against. Democratic Party MPs Carole Hartmann and Gilles Baum wanted to know from the minister responsible whether discrimination against homosexuals when donating blood would be abolished in this country and whether the British model could be followed.


How are the negotiations progressing in view of COP26?

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Vaccination against Covid-19

Combination of different vaccines against Covid-19

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The use of long range acoustic devices (LRAD) at the Greek-turkish border

According to media reports, sound cannons are being used on the Greek-Turkish border to stop illegal immigration into these areas. In general, a complete range of new technologies is being employed here to protect the borders and to prevent illegal immigration. How much is invested here and who decides on the resources used? What are the health consequences for refugees who are confronted with this material? Our deputy Gusty Graas has inquired at the relevant ministry.