Asphalting with loose chippings: are there no alternatives?

DP Member of Parliament André Bauler has heard that a considerable amount of vehicles in the vicinity of Koetschette have been damaged after the renewal of a road. He therefore asked the minister in charge whether there were no alternatives to loose chippings on the occasion of a road renewal by the P&Ch in order to prevent any resulting damage.

« Il me revient que suite aux travaux de route sur le CR308 entre Koetschette et Grevels, qui a été goudronné à l’aide de gravillon (« Rollsplitt »), de nombreux dégâts auraient été constatés par les riverains, tels que des fenêtres de voitures et de tracteurs cassées ainsi que des bosses dans bon nombre de véhicules.

Dans ce cadre j’aimerais poser les questions suivantes à Monsieur le Ministre de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics :

  • L’Administration des ponts et chaussées a-t-elle reçu des réclamations à cet égard ? Dans l’affirmative, combien de réclamations ont été recensées ?
  • Pour quelles raisons le goudronnage à l’aide de gravillon est-il toujours employé ? N’existe-t-il pas d’alternative à cette technique ?
  • Le gravillon est-il utilisé pour tous les chantiers de ce genre ? Quels sont les paramètres déterminant l’usage de gravillon lors de travaux de route ? »

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How can prisoners uphold their contact with family members on the outside?

Family visits and time for the partner are only possible in prison to a limited extent. However, these relationships are an important support for the prisoner and contribute to his stability. What is the current situation for prisoners in Luxembourg, and has the inauguration of the new prison been used to create more opportunities? Our MP Pim Knaff asked the Ministry of Justice for more details.


What happens to the hangar at the exit of Echternach?

At the exit of Echternach there is a hangar of the National Roads Association, which does not seem to be in use at the moment. This area could potentially be used for other projects such as housing. Our MP Carole Hartmann has asked the ministry in charge what the plans are for this place in the future.


Are further accesses planned for the ‘Cité Manertchen’?

The residential area ‘Cité Manertchen’ is to be considerably expanded via a project of the ‘Fonds du logement’. At the moment there is an access that leads over the national road CR 139. There is no footpath, not to the industrial zone, and not to the Cité Manertchen. Bicycle paths are also planned. Our MP Carole Hartmann contacted the ministry for further details.


Why did the respirator recall come to light so late?

In July 2021, a company recalled its medical respirators worldwide. However, this recall was only announced in Luxembourg at the end of October. DP MP Gusty Graas asked the Minister of Health who is responsible for communicating with those affected in such a situation, why the information was not announced in time and whether procedures might need to be adjusted.