Less flood risk due to additional retention measures along rivers?

Could the installation of polders that capture water masses during floods reduce the risk of flooding in rivers? DP MPs André Bauler and Carole Hartmann asked the responsible minister.

« En Bavière il est actuellement discuté de l’aménagement de polders dans les vallées du Danube suite aux récentes pluies fortes. Des mesures analogues avaient été prises jadis au Luxembourg, par exemple dans la vallée de la Sûre à Erpeldange-Sûre, à Ingeldorf et à Diekirch, au confluent de la Sûre et de l’Alzette.

Dans ce contexte nous aimerions poser les questions parlementaires suivantes à Madame la Ministre de l’Environnement, du Climat et du Développement durable :

  • Madame la Ministre peut-elle informer sur d’éventuels potentiels de rétention supplémentaires dans la vallée de l’Alzette et dans la vallée de la Sûre ?
  • Est-il prévu de mettre en place de nouvelles zones de rétention afin de délester les vallées situées en aval en cas d’inondations fortes ?
  • Dans quelle mesure l’Administration de l‘Eau intervient-elle afin de conseiller les collèges échevinaux des communes concernées en la matière ? »

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More parliamentary questions

When will the pollen app arrive?

The Ministry of Health had announced that a free app would be offered at the beginning of 2020 that would provide citizens with information about pollen concentrations in the air.

After more than three years, this app still does not exist. DP MP Carole Hartmann therefore asked the Minister of Health where the work on this app is at and who has been entrusted with its development?


Is the Wagner group a terrorist organisation ?

On May 9th, the French General Assembly requested in a resolution to add the Wagner group to the list of terrorist organizations. How does our Ministry of Foreign Affairs stand on this request? Will Luxembourg follow suit? Our MP Gusty Graas inquired with the relevant ministry.


Is neurosurgical care deteriorating for patients in Luxembourg?

Recently, the nomenclature for neurosurgical procedures was changed so that intracranial procedures are only reimbursed in the CHL, and no longer in the HRS. The DP MPs Gilles Baum and Gusty Graas asked the minister responsible, among other things, whether this change would not lead to a deterioration in the care of patients and whether the minister was not prepared to have this change re-examined.