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More renaturalisation and an improved warning system
The floods of the summer have hit our country unexpectedly. In comparison to neighboring countries, Luxembourg had the chance that no one was injured. However, dramatic scenes unfolded here as well, and the water caused enormous damage. All of this in addition to a corona crisis which, on its own, is already affecting many people and companies.
“Before the rentrée, I met with the Luxembourgish media to discuss how EU foreign policy could be better financed in the coming years.
DP History - A life in the service of school and politics
René Hübsch was born on January 13, 1937 in the rue de Warker in Ettelbruck. Only 7 months later, his father died, who had a business as a plasterer. In fact, René was supposed to learn the craftsmanship of painter. But the boy is so good in school that the teacher insists on sending him to high school.
A ‘Covid-19 tax’ to cover the costs of the crisis?
Would it be fair to increase taxes on exactly those people who tried to find solutions for the greater good without ever complaining about the many business risks this might entail?
Housing Pact 2.0
Thirteen years after the first Housing Pact, the Chamber of Deputies recently voted in favour of Housing Pact 2.0
Here you can grow - room for strong children
Continuing to diversify the school offer, preparing young people for a digital world and continuing to support students intensively - these are the three priorities presented by the Minister of Education Claude Meisch at his traditional press conference before the start of school.

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