Parliamentary Elections 2023: DP Steering Committee Accepts Proposed Lists

Tonight, the Regional Committee Centre proposed its 21 candidates for the parliamentary elections on October 8, 2023, to the DP Steering Committee. The regional lead candidates are Xavier Bettel and Yuriko Backes.

The average age of this DP list is 52 years.

  • Xavier Bettel: National lead candidate, Minister of State, Minister for Communications, Media and Religious Affairs, 50 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Yuriko Backes: Lead candidate, Minister of Finance, 52 years old, Hesperange
  • Guy Arendt: Member of parliament, member of municipal council, lawyer, 69 years old, Walferdange
  • Simone Beissel: Member of parliament, alderman, lawyer, 70 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Corinne Cahen: Alderman, former Minister for Family, 50 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Sylvia Camarda: Member of municipal council, choreographer, 44 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Frank Colabianchi: Member of parliament, alderman, 60 years old, Bertrange
  • Corine Courtois: Alderman, retired deputy manager of a bank branch, 61 years old, Sandweiler
  • Alex de Toffol: Gastronome, 34 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Jana Degrott: Member of municipal council, social entrepreneur, 27 years old, Steinsel
  • Martine Dieschbourg-Nickels: Member of municipal council, pharmacist, 63 years old, Strassen
  • Patrick Goldschmidt: Alderman, tax advisor, 53 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Anne Kaiffer: Member of municipal council, butcher’s master, 43 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Claude Lamberty: Member of parliament, 1st alderman, Vice-President DP, 46 years old, Hesperange
  • Michel Malherbe: Mayor, commercial advisor, 65 years old, Mersch
  • Stéphanie Obertin: Doctor, 49 years old, Niederanven
  • Lydie Polfer: Member of parliament, mayor, lawyer, 70 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Dr Gérard Schockmel: Infectiologist, 62 years old, Luxembourg City
  • Monique Smit-Thijs: Mayor, course instructor, 61 years old, Bertrange
  • Raphaël Stacchiotti: Sports coordinator, 31 years old, Nommern
  • Nicolas Wurth: Lawyer, 31 years old, Luxembourg City

Following the Regional Committee Centre meeting, the DP Steering Committee has unanimously approved the proposed list from the DP Centre, as well as the respective lists from the South, East, and North districts.

The DP will officially introduce the 60 candidates and present its campaign for the 2023 parliamentary elections on Saturday, July 15, at 11 a.m. The event will take place at the Atelier (54, rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg).

This information was communicated by the Democratic Party.



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