Parliamentary Elections 2023: The DP East proposes 7 Candidates to the Steering Committee

Tonight, the Regional Committee East proposed its 7 candidates for the parliamentary elections on October 8, 2023, to the DP Steering Committee.

The regional lead candidates are Lex Delles and Carole Hartmann. The average age of this DP list is 41 years.

  • Lex Delles, lead candidate, DP Party President, Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Tourism, 38 years old, Mondorf-les-Bains
  • Carole Hartmann, lead candidate, DP Secretary-General, Member of Parliament, mayor, lawyer, 36 years old, Echternach
  • Gilles Baum, DP Parliamentary Group President, alderman, 50 years old, Junglinster
  • Michel Gloden, mayor, civil servant at the CNS, 51 years old, Schengen
  • Steve Reckel, mayor, private sector officer, 46 years old, Mondorf-les-Bains
  • Ben Ries, mayor, professor, 39 years old, Junglinster
  • Claire Sertznig, municipal council member, project manager at the Institute Viti-Vinicole, 29 years old, Grevenmacher

According to the DP statutes, it is the responsibility of the Steering Committee to decide on proposals from the districts. The DP will present the 60 candidates and its campaign for the 2023 parliamentary elections on Saturday, July 15, at 11 a.m. at the Atelier (54, rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg).

This information was communicated by the DP East.



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