Rainwater systems in public buildings to save drinking water?

The installation of a rainwater system to use rainwater for various purposes is an opportunity to save drinking water, just as drought and heat put groundwater levels under stress. DP MPs Max Hahn and André Bauler asked the minister responsible how many public buildings are already equipped with such a system and what the plans for the future look like.

« D’Installatioun vu Reewaasseranlagen, déi d’Reewaasser an engem Waassertank späicheren an et duerno fir verschidde Besoinen notzen, wéi z.B. op den Toiletten, ass en einfachen, awer wichtege Wee fir Drénkwaasser ze spueren, dëst ëmsou méi an Zäite wou de Grondwaasserspiggel duerch onreegelméisseg Nidderschléi erofgeet.

An deem Kader wollte mir dem Här Minister fir Mobilitéit an ëffentlech Aarbechte folgend Froe stellen :

– Ass virgesinn, fir sou Reewaasseranlagen an ëffentleche Gebaier z’installéieren ?

– Wa jo, kann den Här Minister eis soen, wéi eng Gebaier betraff sinn a wat den Zäitplang ass ?

– A wéi enge Gebaier gëtt et scho sou Anlagen ? »

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Tularemia also in Luxembourg ?

In Germany, tularemia is still spreading. This infectious disease can also be transmitted to humans. Are there any cases of sick animals in Luxembourg at the moment? Where are the risks and for whom? Are hunters and farmers informed about the situation? What measures are in place to prevent a spread in the Grand Duchy? Deputies Claude Lamberty and Max Hahn have asked the ministry about the matter.


A solution for the police museum?

The historic police collection was housed in the former Gendarmerie garage, a building worthy of protection in Verlorenkost, where construction work on the future government garage is expected to start in 2022. Therefore, a permanent or at least a temporary solution for the collection should be found by the end of this year. In this perspective, our MP André Bauler has submitted some questions to the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Police.


Extension of short-time work in the construction sector

Due to the shortage of raw materials and other materials, the government has decided to extend short-time work in the construction sector until June. In this context, DP MPs André Bauler and Carole Hartmann have asked the responsible ministers, among other things, how many companies are affected by this and which conditions have to be fulfilled in order to apply for short-time work.


What happens if joint custody agreements are breached or if children are kidnapped by a partner?

In case of a divorce, shared custody is often a compromise used to help determine who has custody of the children, when and for how long. However, what is agreed upon is not always respected by the ex-partners. More and more frequently, cases become known where partners keep the children with them for longer than agreed or doesn’t allow them to return to the other partner. It also happens that children are taken out of the country or literally kidnapped. In these instances, the police frequently don’t have many means to intervene. The deputies Carole Hartmann and Pim Knaff have asked at the respective Ministry how many such cases there are in Luxembourg and how they are generally treated.