Claude Lamberty

Giving the youth perspectives during the pandemic

The Covid 19 virus has shown us that especially young people have a hard time being confronted with topics like fear, illness and death. It is therefore not surprising that some of them react more emotionally and sometimes even more aggressively.

In this context, our MP Claude Lamberty asked an extended question about the behavioural problems of young people to the Minister of Education, which was discussed in the Chamber of Deputies in the first week of March.

First of all, Claude Lamberty asked about the effects of the sanitary crisis on the mental health of children and young people. Secondly, he addressed the important issue of preventing juvenile violence and wanted to know about the existing socio-educational measures or programmes targeted towards reducing young people’s propensity to violence. Next, the MP raised questions about the evolution of juvenile violence in schools and the role of psychologists and educators.

In his speech, Claude Lamberty stressed the importance of school settings for the mental health of young people. “The decision to keep schools open as long as possible – whenever sanitary conditions allow it – is a decision I support by a 100%.”

Motivation, academic performance and especially joy of life have dropped among young people. (Claude Meisch)

In his response, the Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, confirmed that the number of young people with a-typical behaviour has risen sharply. The CEPAS also had significantly more assignments since the beginning of the pandemic – both to intervene in schools in case of disputes and to raise awareness among teachers about students’ behavioural problems.

The Minister also referred to the Centre pour le développement socio-émotionnel which was established in 2018 and focuses exclusively on the well-being of students. Regarding prevention, the minister emphasised the importance of physical, creative and cultural activities for children and adolescents. The continuation of extracurricular activities within certain limits – is therefore absolutely necessary, especially in times of crisis.



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