Improving Quality of Life and Purchasing Power: DP Presents Election Program for the 2023 Parliamentary Elections

The Democratic Party (DP) unveiled a comprehensive election program for the upcoming parliamentary elections in October at its National Congress in 2023. More than 400 members gathered at the Syrkus Cultural Center in Roodt-sur-Syre to show their support for Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, party president Lex Delles, and the regional lead candidates in the upcoming election campaign.

Under the slogan “No bei dir.” (Translates to “Close to you.”), the DP’s election program focuses on key aspects related to the quality of life and purchasing power to effectively address the needs of the broad middle class.

The DP’s election program includes a wide range of measures aimed at improving the quality of life and strengthening the purchasing power of the people in Luxembourg. Over the next five years, the party aims to:

  • Provide financial relief to the middle class.
  • Implement the energy transition across the population.
  • Ensure affordable housing for all.
  • Enhance the everyday quality of life for families.
  • Promote flexible and family-friendly work schedules.
  • Foster the future competencies of children and youth.

Through these planned measures, the DP demonstrates its commitment to aligning its policies with the everyday needs of the people, as reflected in the the slogan “No bei dir.” The party acknowledges the vital role of the middle class, families, and businesses in sustaining Luxembourg’s progress on a daily basis.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel expressed his unwavering enthusiasm to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in his speech, stating, ” ‘No bei dir’ is my daily life. My motivation and energy have rarely been as high as they are now.” Bettel emphasized the importance of making the right decisions, particularly during times of crisis, stating, “It is crucial to make the right decisions when faced with challenging circumstances.”

Party president Lex Delles outlined the DP’s goals for the coming years in his programmatic speech, stating, “The DP is the party of the future. We aim to safeguard our prosperity, improve the quality of life, and provide future generations with the opportunity to shape their own destiny.” He highlighted the significant support the party received in the recent municipal elections, stating, “In the municipal elections, the DP proved that we have the people’s trust in our policies. We will make every effort to earn this trust in the parliamentary elections as well.”

Secretary-General Carole Hartmann emphasized the DP’s willingness to shape and take responsibility as a party during challenging times, stating, “In recent years, the DP has demonstrated its commitment to shaping and taking responsibility during challenging times.”



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