Corinne Cahen

“Integration is not a one-way road”

“Living together concerns us all. Together we are strong to plan an even stronger Luxembourg,” said Corinne Cahen, Minister of Family Affairs and Integration, during the parliamentary debate on integration policy in Luxembourg.

The current integration law is no longer up to date and will be completely revised to adapt it to the challenges relating of today and tomorrow. The Minister of Family Affairs and Integration, Corinne Cahen, is doing this together with the citizens. She has launched a broad consultation campaign: with municipalities, integration commissions and associations in civil society.

Every year, around 23,000 new citizens come to Luxembourg. For this reason, we must also collectively organise growing together and living together. Luxembourg is home to people of over 170 different nationalities, from a multitude of different cultures. The Minister also wants to involve the 200,000 frontier workers who come to work every day – because they are also part of our country.

The municipalities in particular play an important role for good coexistence. They should therefore be even more involved in the new integration policy. It starts on the day a new citizen registers at the municipality and continues on through to village and urban activities.

From the municipality, integration goes directly on to the voluntary work, especially to the associations that contribute to the good interaction within our society. Whether it’s cooking something together or getting together for a hobby, all these activities bring people closer together. The National Action Plan for Integration from 2018 will also be further adapted and will play an essential role in better living together in Luxembourg.

But to live well together, you also need to speak a common language. Luxembourgish is the key to a successful integration. In order to avoid linguistic differences immediately, we rely on multilingual early education in childcare structures and in schools.



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