Mathis Ast

Mathis Ast – New mayor of Wormeldange

36-year-old Mathis Ast is the new mayor of Wormeldange. In his first election in 2011, he immediately becomes the third choice of his team. In 2017 he becomes second-choice and his team gets a clear majority. He agrees with Max Hengel on a split of the mayorposition.

Why did you become politically active and why in the DP?

MA: I was already interested in politics in my youth and was a member of various youth committees. I have known MPs Carole Hartmann and Gilles Baum for a long time and share their political views. When Jean Beining asked me in 2011 to go to the polls with his team, I immediately said ‘Yes’ and became involved with the DP.

What are your political priorities when you become the new mayor?

MA: The municipality has to be adapted to the population; we need more administrative space and a bigger parkinglot. We also need a new technical service building and a fire station on Wormer Bierg.

The development of Wormeldange is particularly close to my heart. Much has been built in the municipality. Now social housing is being planned as well asanurban competition with workshops for the citizens.

An adventure playground with a kiosk and a tourist abodeis being built in Einen. The completion of the cycle path between Schengen and Wasserbillig will be a addedvalue for tourism and citizens.

What do you like best about Wormeldange and the Moselle in general?

MA: I work in the city and live on the beautiful Moselle. At home, every day is like a holiday for me: beautiful vineyards, great traditions, like our wine festivals with very good wineries, and a gastronomy that has a lot to offer.



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