New President of the International Committee

Born in Olesno, Poland, Artur speaks seven languages. Nine years ago he founded the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce. At Maison Moderne he is in charge of the Paperjam + Delano Club. He enjoys spending time with his two children, reading, running, and discovering new countries and cultures.

Why did you choose DP?

Growing up in a communist country, I was fed up with the system. I have always been in favour of democracy, liberty, and freedom of thought. Those values are strong guiding principles of Luxembourg’s DP.

How can we raise expats’ interest for politics in Luxembourg? 

Having spent 15 years in Germany before moving to Luxembourg, I learned to value political participation. It allows you to discover a society and to become part of it. It enables you to understand the real interests, motivation, and the way of thinking of the local population.

What is your vision of Europe? 

To raise their interest, we have to show expats this is what politics is about. I feel truly European as I have lived in three European countries and gained citizenship of the countries I moved to: Germany and Luxembourg. United Europe is our future. That is why I am involved in DP International as we are also representing the future of Luxembourg: Openness, involvement, and integration. I love Europe.

What are your ambitions as new President of the International Committee? 

In Luxembourg nearly half of the residents are foreigners – tendency increasing. They should become a stronger part of our society. But how? Despite the language barrier they have ideas, opinions, and they want to move our country forward. To do so they need a voice. At the Comité International we aspire to channel this voice.



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