Marc Hansen

New salary accord

The new salary agreement with the CGFP will allow the government in the future to focus on the working conditions of civil servants. During the pandemic, the country was able to rely on a strong public service, which – together with the private sector – kept the country running.

Even if, due to the pandemic, there has been no structural financial increase, the agreement ensures that working conditions in the future will be more flexible, more transparent, clearer and more fairly structured: e.g. by telework or by harmonized structures in the lower careers.

In times of a crisis, social ease and security are important factors in the public sector. For the minister Marc Hansen, these are secured with this agreement. As such, the country can continue to count on a strong public sector.



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Carole Hartmann

The fight for women’s rights must continue

Speaking on RTL’s Tribune Libre, our Eastern MP Carole Hartmann talked about the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to repeal the right to abortion in the U.S.. As stated by our secretary-general, this is terrible news regarding women’s self-determination over their bodies. And a warning that women must continue to fight for their rights.


Strong support for the new DP leadership

At the first in-person National Congress in three years, DP members elected a new party leadership at the national and district level in the very well attended Centre Atert in Bertrange. Confidence in the candidates was particularly high.