Our candidates for Europe

The Democratic Party is entering the European elections on 9 June with a competent, diverse and highly motivated list. Charles Goerens and Amela Skenderović lead the list as lead candidates. The six candidates represent a wide range of experience, expertise and key issues. As convinced Europeans, they want to strengthen the European Union.

The DP list has equal representation and the average age is 46.

f.l.t.r. Gusty Graas, Jana Degrott, Charles Goerens, Amela Skenderović, Nancy Braun, Christos Floros

Charles Goerens

Member of the European Parliament
72 years

Charles Goerens is looking forward to building the European house together with Amela Skenderović, Nancy Braun, Jana Degrott, Christos Floros and Gusty Graas. Together, they want to ensure that the law can assert itself, that freedom is preserved and that respect and tolerance prevail: “Especially in these times, we must do everything we can to ensure that the European Union remains resilient so that citizens and our value-based coexistence continue to be protected.”

Amela Skenderović

28 years

Amela Skenderović works as an English teacher. She is particularly committed to women’s rights in Europe and good intercultural relations: “Young people and women in particular are underrepresented in politics. I want to give a voice to those who don’t have one yet.” Amela speaks eight languages.

Nancy Braun

Cultural manager
51 years
City of Luxembourg

Nancy Braun is at home in culture. With the “Esch 2022, European Capital of Culture” project, her mission was to connect people, cities and countries through culture: “This is how culture contributes to strengthening Europe in a sustainable way!” As a scout, her voluntary work is extremely important to her, be it in the social, humanitarian or youth sector.

Jana Degrott

28 years

With her organisation We Belong Europe, Jana Degrott is committed to the inclusion of all citizens in our society: “Discrimination is unfortunately still a reality. I am involved in various projects to ensure that people with a mental or physical disability can fully participate in social life,” says the lawyer and local councillor from Steinsel.

Christos Floros

Marketing Manager
30 years
City of Luxembourg

Christos Floros wants to use his commitment to help ensure that Luxembourg remains a driving force for progress in Europe: “We must defend our common European values.” Christos grew up in Luxembourg and is an advocate for political participation online. He works in the technology sector as a marketing manager.

Gusty Graas

Member of Parliament
66 years

Gusty Graas is a member of parliament and alderman in Bettembourg. As President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Chamber of Deputies, he follows the European dossiers on a daily basis. He has a clear idea of what can be improved at the European level. “Even if our Union is not perfect, we need more Europe, not less,” says Gusty Graas.



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