Daliah Scholl - Presidentin DP-Süden

Spotlight: Daliah Scholl

This time in the Spotlight: Daliah Scholl, the newly elected president of the DP South.

With the learned flutist, a woman stands for the first time at the head of the district south of the DP. Since 2011 President of the Esch Section, Daliah Scholl has also been a member of the City Council for the DP since the last election.

What is her motivation for being involved in politics? What are her priorities? And how does she want to prepare the sections from the south for the 2023 super election year? We talked to her about it.

Daliah Scholl

Daliah, you have long been politically active locally in Esch and at the regional level of the district South. How did it come about?

DS: I was brought up in a very artistic and liberal environment. My mother and grandfather were freelance artists, my father was a freelance architect. Then there are the very diverse, multicultural influences that I grew up with. My mother is of Italian origin, I myself was born in India, the district in which we used to live has the highest proportion of foreigners in Esch.

Values such as diversity, freedom and the free development of human beings have therefore been a part of my life from an early age and shape my commitment even today. It’s important to me that you get involved when you want to move something. Above all, more women should be involved in politics. I have a daughter, and I want to be an example to her too. Critical thinking, fighting for your ideas, actively shaping society, instead of just being passive. I want to be example for her by living what I believe in.

“It is important to me, that you get involved, when you want to move something.

Daliah Scholl

What are the political priorities you are committed to?

My main concern is, as I said, the personal freedom that is at the root of free personal development. Our children have to be taught this from the beginning, only then can they become free and responsible adults. Education is the key here, especially for us as a liberal party. In recent years, Claude Meisch has done a very valuable job by promoting the diversity of education, equal opportunities and inclusion in schools.

What are the strengths of the South, and what are the major challenges in the coming years?

The South is not as visible as other regions, but often unjustly so. The South is a very dynamic region that has a lot to offer. Be it the cultural and linguistic diversity, the industrial heritage, or the beautiful nature that one usually has right next door. But the South is much more. It has great potential: in research, in health care, in housing, in crafts. We must use this to develop our region, in order also to offer new perspectives and a higher quality of life to our citizens, this in the context of a more sustainable development of our cities.

Of course, culture also plays a very important role for me. With Esch2022, we have a unique opportunity to showcase the strengths of the region and to take forward the positive impetus of this project.

What are your plans for the DP South in the coming years, especially with a view to the 2023 Super Election Year?

It is of course a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to take over this task. My predecessor, Max Hahn, has done a very good job in recent years, and I would like to tie in with that. I want to go to the local sections, seek out exchanges and actively engage the basis in developing concrete ideas. Our members are the strength of our party, which is why they should also help prepare the most important deadlines. In any case, I look forward to seeing our members again soon in person, which I have missed a lot over the last few months.



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