Spotlight: Michael Agostini

In the spotlight of the third edition of the DP magazine is the president of the “Young Democrats”, Michael Agostini.

We talked to the 31-year-old civil engineer about the JDL, his new home in Esch and his political priorities.

Michael, you’ve been at the helm of the JDL since 2019. What are your priorities as President and what is your interim balance?

MA: First of all, I’m glad I can count on a dynamic team. The JDL has expanded its reach over the last year and gained many young members. That is not self-evident in Covid’s times. We have set up several working groups in which we deal with four major issues. These include digitalisation, environmental and climate protection, equal opportunities and healthcare. The work is progressing well. That makes me optimistic to pull with a clear catalog of demands for the 2023 Super Election Year.

“The JDL wants to use the opportunities provided by the digitalisation.”

Michael Agostini

For example, you claim a right to telework?

MA: Exactly, the corona crisis and more specifically the lockdown should also have convinced the last person that telework has many benefits. For many years, the JDL has been committed to the consistent support of the Home Office, because the advantages are obvious: It gives employees more flexibility to reconcile family and work, traffic on our main traffic axes decreases and there are in the long run also fewer offices in the city occupied. This could also benefit the village life in our communities, because more people would be at home again.

The JDL has recently also voted in favor of e-voting.

MA: Yes, we are taking up the permanent digitalisation of our society here. E-voting would significantly simplify elections. Not only would the way to the polling station disappear, but the digital choice would also make life easier for many citizens abroad. The electronic vote would meanwhile help to significantly reduce the rate of invalid ballot papers. E-voting should be an additional opportunity to cast your vote. Of course, the classic ballot paper and the postal vote should not be abolished. Since we are aware that this is a sensitive subject, we should not overdo it. Therefore, the JDL calls for the introduction of e-voting only for the next parliamentary elections of 2028. So there remains enough time to set up a reliable system.

You are also a member of the DP section of Esch. Where does the shoe pinch in Esch?

MA: When I moved to Esch four years ago, it was clear to me that I was going to get involved locally. The DP has managed to achieve a great result in the last municipal elections. With Pim Knaff and Daliah Scholl, we have engaged and dynamic representatives in the council of aldermen and the city council. One of the priorities is surely the life of the Alzette road and the connection of Esch to the city of Luxembourg. The announced tram between the two largest cities, as well as new neighborhoods like Esch-Schifflange or the Rout Lëns, will once again make Esch a dynamic Minette metropolis with a high quality of life.



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