The vaccine is here!

The best way back to normality

The world finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel, after Covid-19 has been dominating our lives for months. Scientists around the world have developed vaccines in record time. In December, Luxembourg also started vaccinating its citizens against COVID-19.

Vaccines are the best way out of this crisis – the best way back to normality. They are a key element in protecting our health care system and in regaining our freedoms.

In recent months, the government has developed a fair and efficient vaccination strategy, in order to vaccinate a large part of our population as quickly as possible. It is based on the recommendations of the WHO, the European Commission and the National Ethics Commission.

Vaccination is free and voluntary

The government was able to pre-order 1.3 million doses for Luxembourg. That is enough to vaccinate 800,000 people without taking anything away from other countries.

In a first phase, the health professionals, the staff in the hospitals and the old age and care structures will be vaccinated. This will ensure that in the future the healthcare system does not collapse under the load of the virus. But also the vulnerable people who live in the old age and care structures, and are most affected by the disease, belong to this priority group.

Across the country, centralized structures are being set up to vaccinate the people, as the vaccines have to be transported and stored under specific conditions. Mobile teams will move to nursing homes to save unnecessary travel for vulnerable people.

Yes, getting vaccinated is a personal choice. But it is also a question of responsibility and solidarity. A vaccination is not just for oneself, but always for one’s fellow human beings. Every vaccination counts!



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