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Claude Meisch

The collective efforts have paid off!

“Minimum chances for the virus, maximum chances for education”: this was the motto of the Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, from the very beginning. The implementation of the 3-step plan, the alternating system between homeschooling and face-to-face teaching and the use of mobile testing stations have helped to significantly reduce the risk of infection within schools.

Increased normality through voluntary rapid testing

May 31, 2021 will be the cut-off date for the resumption of face-to-face classes in high schools. Next to the successful vaccine strategy, it is mainly the introduction of self-tests that allowed this important step towards normality. After Pentecost, every pupil and teacher will be offered free self-tests to provide complementary protection to the existing PCR and rapid tests. “The large-scale use of these tests should allow for more face-to-face teaching, more social contact and more normality,” said Minister Claude Meisch.

A resilient school system

In spring, the Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, together with the LUCET, presented the results of the last Épreuves standardisées. Unlike what we might have expected given the exceptional situation, the results do not show a negative trend when compared with 2019. According to the minister, this is due to the great commitment of teachers, educators, parents and students. Furthermore, the digital infrastructure and the consistent introduction of young people to digital tools have played an important role in this context.

The minister also announced that a summer school will be organized again this summer to address any gaps in the students’ education.


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