Young people’s needs and the coalition negotiations

The DP is the winner of the parliamentary elections. The party won the most votes nationwide and gained the most additional seats. In addition, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel received more personal votes than the CSV’s lead candidate.

The DP and the CSV started negotiations very quickly. People are working hard in the castle of Senningen and in the various working groups. That is a good thing; our country cannot afford a standstill.

As President of the Jonk Demokraten, I am extremely pleased that a number of young candidates have made it directly to the ‘Krautmarkt’ or will receive a seat in Parliament if the current coalition negotiations are successfully concluded.

Politics thrives on change. Change brings new wind and fresh ideas. This also applies to the young new MPs. They must now show courage and initiative to advocate for the interests of the youth.

This includes, above all, housing: Ahead of the election campaign, we already made a number of demands together with the youth organisations of the CSV, déi gréng and the LSAP, that it be made easier for young people to find housing.

Therefore we call for support, among other things, to help young people buy or rent a flat in the short term. Above all, we also call for structural reforms, such as the increase and acceleration of the planned mobilisation tax, so that the undeveloped plots within the building perimeter can be ‘mobilised’ more quickly.

In our election programme, we as Jonk Demokraten have called for further efforts in the areas of environment, energy and climate. For example, the expansion of wind energy should be accelerated through faster procedures here in Luxembourg as well.

There is currently a shortage of craftsmen in the labour market. One reason for this is that fewer and fewer young people are opting for vocational training.

As the Jonk Demokraten, we demand that young people in vocational training receive the same opportunities for financial support for studies as young people who go to university.

The Jonk Demokraten also campaign for a right to work from home, which should only be denied to workers if it involves serious safety risks, unsolvable planning problems or a financial burden. We want to give people more flexibility and thus enable them to spend less time in their cars.

Dear listeners,

In politics, the future generations or children and children’s children are often cited for whose future politics must take responsibility. Therefore, the Jonk Demokraten demand that the needs of the youth are adequately considered in the coalition negotiations. For tomorrow, but also for today!



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