Marc Hansen

Digital Academy – New technologies and lifelong learning in the civil service

New technologies play an increasingly important role in the public service. This goes from a digital administration that enables an improved service to the citizens, to internal workflows, which become quicker and more efficient through digitalisation.

Preparing the civil service for the new challenges of the digital age also means, above all, providing good education and training for civil servants and providing them with an adequate range of training in this area. Therefore, for the Minister Marc Hansen, the adaptation and continuous development of the INAP is an important set-piece to make the civil service fit for the future.

A first stage was the organization of training during the internship in October 2018. In addition, the INAP has undergone a substantial organizational restructuring by 2020. In the same year, Marc Hansen presented the new Digital Academy of the National Institute of Public Administration.

What exactly is it about? A new approach, based on innovative methods, offers training for all levels. These can be given as in-classroom courses, over the Internet, but also through a mixture of both. The Digital Academy focuses on the individual, and in the educational activities much emphasis is placed on interactivity and participation. The trainee is encouraged to take an active part in the development of his or her skills, through a wide range of available training courses.

The trainers are also taken on board and supported in their new tasks through continuous exchanges, training in digital technologies, strong support and a team of educators and computer scientists who advise them on their activities.

Great efforts had been made made to develop concepts that meet the needs of civil servants in the digitalisation process, said Marc Hansen.



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