Guy Arendt

Digitalisation for all

You were most likely woken up this morning by the alarm clock on your mobile phone….

It may also be the case that your smart coffee machine prepared your coffee at exactly the right minute….

While drinking your coffee, many of you read the news on your tablet…

…and if you have an appointment at a new address, you probably enter your destination into the navigation system of your car.

These are just a few examples that showcase digitalisation’s role in our lives. Especially the last ‘Covid years’ have shown us how important this transition is. Many will immediately think about working from home in this context.

The DP sees digitalisation as an opportunity for Luxembourg and its citizens.

Digital transformation is an exciting opportunity that we must take seriously. That is also why we welcome the government’s National Action Plan for Digital Inclusion.

This plan includes, among other things, concrete measures to prevent a digital divide in our society. This means that everyone can benefit from digitalisation and not just a minority.

We are aware that some people are not yet up to the challenges of today’s technological devices. In this context, we support all education and training efforts being made. Also for elderly people who didn’t grow up in a digitalised world. They need the necessary motivation and know-how to be able to use these tools. Just like people with disabilities.

The initiative of to offer documents in so-called simple language comes to my mind. For the DP, it is clear that social inclusion projects are necessary to guarantee access to public, social and economic activities for disadvantaged people. For us, this is about political will and moral responsibility.

The employment agency also offers courses for job seekers who lack the necessary skills in this area. Another initiative to mention in the field of vocational training is the ‘Digital Learning Hub’ in Belval.

Because we must not fool ourselves: The ‘digital train’ is irrevocably rolling, and we cannot afford to miss it.

This also applies of course also to digitalisation in public administrations, where Luxembourg is in a good position – compared to its neighbours – but there’s still a lot of work to be done. What comes to mind is the exchange of data between administrations, which can still be improved to ensure more efficient working. This will contribute to a better administration and to the attractiveness of our country.

But I am not forgetting the role that a good, secure and nationwide data connection plays here. We need further efforts to ensure that every household, no matter its location, is properly connected. This is important for the inclusion of citizens, but also for our economy and for our health sector, to name just a few examples.

The DP stands for equal access to the digital world for all citizens of the country. For us, this is a fundamental right and a principle of equal rights for citizens.

It is up to politicians to provide people with easy and safe access to this world and to help those who still need help along the way.

Digital inclusion is one of the supporting pillars for the further development of our society. And the DP will support all initiatives that go in that direction.



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