Claude Meisch

Education in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

While some countries heavily relied on home schooling during the crisis, Luxembourg preferred a more balanced approach. The introduction of A/B weeks – a hybrid model between home schooling and in-class teaching – proved to be the best solution.

Under the motto ‘Maximum chances for education, minimum chances for the virus’, the Minister of Education Claude Meisch committed himself to a 2020/2021 school year that harmonizes two major objectives: protecting the health of teachers and students on the one hand, and guaranteeing an inclusive and high-quality education on the other hand. What a challenge!

In order to limit the transmission of the virus, the Ministry of Education developed a 3-step plan, which allows hygiene and distance rules, as well as isolation and quarantine measures, to be adapted to the current number of infections. The Covid-19 test strategy, with its mobile teams and rapid tests, also plays a key role. The FFP-2 masks and CO2 counters, that the Ministry distributed to teachers, provide additional protection.

Providing equal opportunities for every child is another priority of Claude Meisch. The minister wants to prevent the pandemic from increasing social inequalities among students at all costs. Therefore, several initiatives have been launched to support children during home schooling and holidays, such as Summerschool and the online platform

The Minister is particularly sensitive to the well-being of children and youth. This is why he authorized – under certain conditions – the resumption of school sports and extracurricular activities in the shortest possible time. Beyond ensuring educational missions, the athletic, social and cultural interests of young people should finally return to the forefront.



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