Charles Goerens is sitting at his desk.


“Before the rentrée, I met with the Luxembourgish media to discuss how EU foreign policy could be better financed in the coming years. With the new Global Europe Fund of 80 billion Euros that I helped to launch, Europe will be able to rationalize its humanitarian and development aid, and can better guarantee that international partners represent our core values.

I was also on RTL’s Kloertext to talk about the situation in Afghanistan. The evacuation of EU citizens and many, but unfortunately not all local aid workers, has made it clear how dependent the EU is on the United States. We therefore urgently need to strengthen our strategic autonomy. Specifically, we need a closer political union and a serious defense union.

In Strasbourg, I listened to the President of the Commission’s speech on the state of the Union. The EU can rightly congratulate itself on achieving the goal of a vaccination rate of 70%. Now more efforts need to be made to vaccinate the rest of the world as well.”

Charles Goerens, Member of the European Parliament



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