Housing Pact 2.0

Thirteen years after the first Housing Pact, the Chamber of Deputies recently voted in favour of Housing Pact 2.0. It is about a new alliance between the state and the municipalities to create more affordable housing. Together, the supply of public, affordable and sustainable housing is to be significantly increased. For this reason, the municipalities will receive logistical and financial support from the Ministry of Housing.

“The Pacte Logement 2.0 is an important step forward against the rising cost of housing in Luxembourg!”

The new Housing Pact will support the structural change in housing that Luxembourg society expects. In this context, Max Hahn, the DP’s housing spokesman, spoke of a paradigm shift in his recent speech to parliament. Thus, on the one hand, municipalities receive free land, and on the other hand, developers can build more densely.

The Housing Pact 2.0 is an important step forward, in order to considerably increase the supply of affordable housing in the future.



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