Idea of the month: Free music lessons

On July 16, the government council gave its approval for the reform of the national music education system. The DP-led Ministry of Education, together with the stakeholders concerned, has developed 8 different measures to raise public awareness about the importance of music, to improve the quality and accessibility of music instruction and to facilitate interaction between music schools, educational and childcare structures.

The most prominent measure being the introduction of free music lessons. In line with the DP’s election programme, children and teenagers will be able to access free music classes, starting from the school year 2022/2023.

Music schools are important pillars of our educational landscape, just like schools, childcare structures or youth centres. Every child and teenager should have the opportunity to attend a music school, either to play an instrument, to sing, to dance or to practice the art of speaking.’

Claude Meisch, Minister of Education


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