Corinne Cahen

Luxembourg becomes more accessible

We want a world in which everyone has access everywhere – not just physically, but also access to information. During the corona pandemic, the government did everything in its power to provide information to everyone: the leaflets were translated into several languages and the press conferences could be followed in sign language.

The DP wants a world without barriers. We want a country in which inclusion is lived in daily life and in which people can move freely. In Luxembourg too, there is still unintended discrimination against people with disabilities, elderly people who are no longer able to walk or parents with a baby buggy, to name just a few examples. Many buildings and roads are not equally accessible to everyone. The search for housing for people with specific needs e.g. can be very difficult.

In order for all citizens to benefit from the freedom of access, the Minister for Families, Corinne Cahen, has drafted and introduced the Accessibility Act. In future, all public buildings, roads and residences should be built or renovated according to the principle of Design for All. In future, everyone’s reality of life must be considered. In practice this means that the common areas in the apartment buildings must be accessible, that the flat or house is built in such a way that the bell can quickly be adapted so that a light flashes inside when a person rings (e.g. for a deaf person). Furthermore, wider doors should become standard in construction, as well as ramps for people in wheelchairs, or a minimum of changing rooms in hotel rooms, which must be guaranteed for everyone.

Better accessibility is an important and central aspect of the government’s inclusion policy. Because everyone has a fundamental right to freedom of movement and information.



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