Patrick Goldschmidt

Luxembourg City: more space for people

Promoting soft mobility, giving people more space in public areas, making the city more attractive. Even before the pandemic, a lot of work had been done at the Knuedler, but the crisis certainly helped to speed up the process.

‘We do not lack ideas to make the city even more beautiful. But they usually cannot be realized overnight’, so the alderman for mobility, Patrick Goldschmidt, said. The most important thing is to create a safe and citizen-friendly infrastructure where people feel comfortable.

In this context, two recent projects are particularly noteworthy: the Beaumont street, recently transformed into a pedestrian zone, and the new ‘shared space’ Gruef, where bikes can enter from two directions. Both roads will be secured with bollards later on.

Especially cyclists enjoy the many improvements in the city: from the bicycle bridge Cents-Kierchbierg – a project that took years of discussions – to the new cycling tracks in the Avenue de la Gare and the Avenue de la Liberté, up to the first ‘bicycle roads’ of the country, where bikes have priority.

‚I do not accept the accusation that Luxembourg City only cares about cars. In fact, cars had to make a lot of room for bicycles and public transport over the past few years’, so Patrick Goldschmidt said. ‚And in the next two years, many more projects will follow.‘

Patrick Goldschmidt, Alderman of Luxembourg City


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