Making our healthcare sector fit for the future

A high-quality healthcare sector distinguishes itself above all through competent staff – the cornerstone of any healthcare sector. It just wouldn’t work without the doctors, nurses, midwives and all the other important health professionals.

To combat the shortage of healthcare staff, the Minister for Higher Education and Research, Claude Meisch, has implemented an important first step: the University of Luxembourg is now offering a Bachelor’s degree in general medecine, neurology and oncology. In addition, a concept for a Bachelor’s degree for nurses has been developed.

However, the DP doesn’t want to leave it at that. The next important step is the introduction of a Master’s degree in Medicine in order to be able to offer a full degree in this field in Luxembourg. By improving and extending the educational opportunities for the health professions, we are making our health care system more attractive and independent from other countries.


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The DP now has a section in the commune of Lintgen

Since October 2020, the last commune of the Alzette valley also has a DP section. In 2023, the municipal council will be elected according to the proportional representation system for the first time in Lintgen. It is therefore important for the DP to position itself well now.