Christine Fixmer

Meet the Team

Which subjects and dossiers do you oversee at work?

The biggest dossiers I look after are the ones related to Justice and the Luxembourgish institutions including the ongoing review of the constitution. Aside those two I also take care of the dossiers regarding the Civil Service and Media & Communication where we finalised the new law on press aid before the summer. Foreign politics and Europe are then also part of my scope.

Why did you apply at the DP’s parliamentary group?

In the past I was already part of the JDL. I am happy to get involved and work together with our dynamic team and help to get things moving in politics.

If you could implement a political idea right away – which one would it be?

The reimbursement of psychological and psychotherapeutic therapy. Mental health is not a luxury – it concerns us all, but not everyone has the option to get help for themselves.

So far, which was your proudest moment in the parliamentary group?

I am incredibly proud to be working with Simome Beissel on the constitutional reform. Our Constitution has a very long history and it is an important pillar for us as a community and for our democracy.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Interested, open minded, quiet  – and a huge pasta fan!


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More News

Atert-Wark – the new local government of the DP in the north of the country

The municipality of Mertzig, with its mayor Mike Poiré, has joined the local government of Redange and the merger section Atert-Wark has been formed. Until 2020 the municipality of Mertzig was part of the “Nordstad” local section.

The former Redange section has been working together with the Rambrouch section for a very long time. For this reason, the Rambrouch section with its new president will also be presented.

Corinne Cahen

Interview with the Minister for Family Affairs Corinne Cahen

For the most part, the residents are doing well. However, I get told every day by older people that they never want to be imprisoned again. I can understand that very well. We will therefore do everything in our power to ensure that everyone can live their lives independently, including in retirement and care homes.