More renaturalisation and an improved warning system

The floods of the summer have hit our country unexpectedly. In comparison to neighboring countries, Luxembourg had the chance that no one was injured. However, dramatic scenes unfolded here as well, and the water caused enormous damage. All of this in addition to a corona crisis which, on its own, is already affecting many people and companies.

However, after the floods, and similarly to the pandemic, the people once again showed what the word solidarity means: firefighters were on duty around the clock, neighbors helped each other out, and volunteers arrived from all over the country to help clear up the mess. The solidarity during this crisis was enormous.

Echternach was one of the worst affected municipalities. According to Carole Hartmann, Member of Parliament and local councilor, many people were surprised by the extent of the floods or did not take the alerts seriously. However, this way damage could have been at least partially reduced. The warning system therefore needs to be improved so that the people concerned can all be reached in time.

Garages were also flooded in Bettembourg. According to alderman and Member of Parliament Gusty Graas, the water needs more space to spread out in those places where it doesn’t cause any harm. Communes where streams and rivers had already been renaturalised were indeed less affected by the floods. Gusty Graas therefore requested for an interpellation in parliament, so that something can be done in this area in the future.


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Atert-Wark – the new local government of the DP in the north of the country

The municipality of Mertzig, with its mayor Mike Poiré, has joined the local government of Redange and the merger section Atert-Wark has been formed. Until 2020 the municipality of Mertzig was part of the “Nordstad” local section.

The former Redange section has been working together with the Rambrouch section for a very long time. For this reason, the Rambrouch section with its new president will also be presented.

Corinne Cahen

Interview with the Minister for Family Affairs Corinne Cahen

For the most part, the residents are doing well. However, I get told every day by older people that they never want to be imprisoned again. I can understand that very well. We will therefore do everything in our power to ensure that everyone can live their lives independently, including in retirement and care homes.