More support for municipalities

No, the pandemic of the Covid 19 virus has not been able to stop the work of the Federation of DP Representatives of Municipalities in Luxembourg.

President Martine Dieschburg-Nickels believes that the past year has worked well, even though digital meetings could never replace personal contact.

But at the last general meeting in November, an extraordinary number of people had even gathered, especially from the areas outside the center of the country. This confirms the good momentum of recent years, in which new, motivated people from all four districts had joined the FCCD.

The pandemic has shown the important role that the municipalities play in the country. In recent months, the tasks at the municipal level have even increased due to the virus.

This also applies to housing, where one expects faster procedures and more assistance from the State in order to fulfill its role. The municipal level will gradually reach its limits here. Not to mention that more housing means more residents. And this, in turn, requires more municipal infrastructures and services.

In any case, the FCCD wants to continue working on these issues and help the DP to present coherent and innovative solutions.


The Fédération des Conseillers communaux démocrates regroups the DP’s elected municipal representatives, as well as the DP candidates in the last municipal elections. The FCCD regularly discusses issues related to municipality-level developments. The federation is chaired by DP councilor Martine Dieschburg-Nickels from Strassen.


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