André Bauler

Promoting Luxembourg’s creative industries

Modern technologies promise new opportunities for Luxembourg’s creative industries, but the lack of affordable infrastructure poses a major challenge for entrepreneurs.

In this context, MP André Bauler asked an extended question to the Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises about the evolution and future prospects of Luxembourg’s creative economy, which was discussed in a public session on March 16.

“In the coalition agreement, we made a commitment towards strengthening Luxembourg’s entrepreneurial spirit. In the future, the government must continue to invest in the capacities of our creative industries and especially support young entrepreneurs and start-ups,” said André Bauler.

In his first question, the MP wanted to know how many jobs had been created in the sector over the last 3 years. Then he asked in which municipalities it would still be possible to create new locations and studios for the players of the creative economy. The consequences of the pandemic and the future prospects were other important issues raised by the MP.

Fact is that this business sector shows an enormous growth potential, which must be further promoted, and that is of course a priority of the Ministry. (Lex Delles)

The creative economy currently counts around 2,200 companies and 13,000 jobs, said Minister Lex Delles in his response.

With the creation of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster in January 2017, a first step was made towards connecting the actors of the creative industries, promoting their cooperation and strengthening the visibility of the entire sector.

According to the minister, the so-called creative hubs can provide a solution to the lack of affordable infrastructure. The Hub 1535° in Differdange is currently the only state-funded project of its kind, but a number of private entities offer similar open space concepts.

Regarding the effects of the pandemic, both the event and performing arts sectors have been hit very badly. On the other hand, companies working in the digital field made it through the crisis much better.



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